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Sep 3, 2012 4:30am EDT
washington post" reports a baltimore neighborhood just signed an agreement to use cameras that are wired directly to the police department. under d.c. law, private citizens have more freedom with cameras than police do. i'm surae chinn for 9news now. >>> we reached out to metropolitan police about adding private cameras, and this is their response. quote, we believe that a surveillance camera adds a level of security to a business or privately owned home, and we would encourage people to get them when feasible. >>> it is 4:37. here's a look at some of the other things making news now. the world is remembering reverend sung young moon. he passed away from complications of pneumonia. he found the unification church in 1954. that's where you've seen the videos perform mass church weddings. he was 92 years old. >>> rebels set off explows in damascus. four army officers were injured in the attack. the violence in the civil war has been getting worse. at least 1600 people were killed last week. the activist group say about 5,000 people were killed in august making it the deadliest month in the
Sep 13, 2012 4:30am EDT
for ways to get around. >>> it is 4:33 now. police in baltimore are searching for a gunman after a shooting at morgan state university. a man was shot in the chest around 5:00 last night near the field house on campus. he was not a student. detectives believe the shooting was a result of a botched robbery. the man is in stable condition right now. investigators believe the shooter and the victim knew each other. >>> police in prince george's county still haven't found a person who shot and killed an honor student on his way to school this week. marckel ross was gunned down tuesday as he walked to central high school in capitol heights. police are still also looking for a possible motive in the case. >>> two sisters in dale city, virginia face charges after officials say they were operating an illegal day care center out of their home. they were caring for 21 children it the ages of 3 months and 4 years old. >> police found infants strapped in car seats and left in bathrooms. another child was left in a closet with the door shot. >> reporter: gl two adults with 21 kids is unacceptable. >> re
Sep 4, 2012 4:30am EDT
toward baltimore but this is lifting north and east away from us. i'm optimistic about the early commute. 74 in easton. at least weather wise. traffic wise you're on your own on that. fredricksburg, tappahannock 73. 75 at prince frederick. scott over at andrews also 75 with winchester checking in at 70. there was patchy fog well south of d.c. at last check. our michael & son weather camera, quiet this morning, cloudy, 76. humidity 87%. those dew points still in the 70s. some are still raging in the central and southern plains. look at these temps 105. 90s all the way up to nebraska. we'll get a little bit, just a taste of this heat as we head toward the end of the week as our temperatures make a run for the low 90s in a few spots. back here what's left of isaac still spinning in kentucky and tennessee. we have the moisture in place, just not very organized. we need a little kick. that will be the daytime heating. looks like maybe in the mountains and north a little bit better chance of seeing showers and storms until late this afternoon and this evening around here. so our forecast still
Sep 5, 2012 4:30am EDT
in gaithersburg. it's 78 in baltimore. easton 79 degrees along with the patuxent naval air station and luray at 75. outside on our michael & son weather camera, we're looking at northwest d.c. toward the southwest. this is wisconsin avenue down there near the best buy and ace hardware store. that's what we're looking at. quiet. 79 degrees. south, southwesterly winds at 11 and the humidity still very high at 79%. we have this moisture here lining up from new england back toward west virginia. clusters of storms. one came through chicago earlier. there's another one that's getting ready to come through i think in another hour, hour and a half. so there could be delays with early travel through o'hare and midway this morning. futurecast, got the scattered showers and storms. lunch time metro and especially south of us. i think for the afternoon that threat may be more south than north as we're looking at 4:15 now. maybe southern maryland could get into the action. could be heavier showers and storms there. generally quiet tonight. on thursday afternoon we're going to pop a few more of those showers a
Sep 11, 2012 4:30am EDT
-old student who we shot last month in baltimore county is out of the hospital. he has down syndrome and was excited to play with his dog, make some tacos and watch the ravens on tv. he was shot inside the high school's cafeteria on august 27 on the first day of school. 15-year-old robert gladden is now facing charges in that. >>> we're in for another cool day. in two minutes, howard will let you know what you should expect before you head out the door. >>> in the next few months, toys 'r' us is going to enter the technology market. we'll explain at 4:41. >> cracked bridges along one. the region's newest toll roads. we'll tell you when and when you should expect repair work to begin. >> keep it right here. we're back with your weather first in two minutes. . >>> welcome back. 4:41 on this tuesday monk. some will -- morning. some will need a jacket this morning. it's going to be a beautiful day, might be nicer than yesterday because the winds are going to be lighter. 3:00 76. 78 or so by 2:00, 2:30. i'll be back in a few minutes. we have a warming trend headed our way. here's monica w
Sep 12, 2012 4:30am EDT
to the maps. coming out of baltimore looking good. 29 and 32 out of columbia, bw parkway out of laurel to greenbelt where there was construction in place. let's take a live look on our chart camera. it has been cleared. i looked at this about ten minutes ago. there still had been some lane closures. good to go through the greenbelt area and past kenilworth avenue. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 4:55. but first, i have a warning about a new speed camera in frederick, maryland. the state highway administration has set it up in the work zone along route 15 at the motter avenue exit. it's active but only issuing warnings for the first few weeks. anyone caught 12 miles over the 55 mile an hour speed limit will get a $40 ticket in the mail. maryland lawmakers are trying to figure out how to track down on drivers zipping through the toll plazas without ever paying. thousands of vehicle owners are just ignoring them. maryland doesn't issue citations to violators. the state doesn't send outstanding balances to collection companies. >> we just raised tolls on ordinary motorists. peo
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6